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Toronto web design & development


My name is Roman.

I own freelance company My goal is to help people to maintain and create websites. I had helped many customers to maintain and update websites even developed by different companies. My rates are very affordable and competitive.
I have over 8 years of experience in Web Design, Development & Publishing. I feel excited in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

Years of experience

In 2010 I finished George Brown College for Web Publishing and Development. Since than I helping people with websites. Trough all this years I improved my self and very excited to work on every new project.

Facts about me

I always had a passion for drawing. During my childhood yeas I attended art school. I also was one of the best artist in high school. My drawing passion outgrew to web development.



Located in Toronto, however I can serve anywhere in Canada. We can discuss your project by phone and electronically.

I can create websites using pure HTML ( hypertext markup language ), CSS ( cascading style sheets ) and WordPress. With HTML and CSS I can create and design unique website you have been dreamed of. However in the future if you would like to add or remove some text, images etc. you would need a web developer to do it for you. If you want to avoid a web developer in the future and revise website by your self, I can create website using WordPress. It is very user friendly and easy to maintain. You can easy change text, media, add or remove pages on your own. With WordPress we have to choose any theme from thousands themes available.



Web design is the skill to create a site from scratch and all this steps required to create a fully functioning website. Let me examine briefly the sequence of these steps:
  • The approved plan, on which to create a website for what kind of audience and purposes, functional structure and appearance.

  • Its convenience of use by users and structure of web pages.

  • Design of the website is made in the graphical editor. Creating all elements, images and decoration for new website.

  • Ready images are ready to be cut and to be embedded in the framework of the site using HTML and CSS or WordPress.

  • Buy hosting plan and domain name, uploading web site to server, promotion and optimization of it in search engines (SEO).


Plan your site wisely, think about your audience. What age category will visit your site most often. I can help you with decision of site structure.


Let me work on your project. We will be keep in touch during process. I will do any changes while I work on your project at any time if you wish to do so.

Final presentation

Putting all together and final presentation to you. If you totally satisfied with final work, it is time to upload it on the server. Now your website is live.

Contact me

Feel Free to contact me by filling up form below or call at (416) 833 -5197
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